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RiskPACC @ PSCE Conference
On 11 and 12 May, it was held, in collaboration with the University of Salzburg and the Austrian Red...
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"Completion of perception and action to enhance the interaction between Civil Protection and Citizens” Workshop: To Take Away
The Workshop on “Completion of perception and action to enhance the interaction between Civil Protection...
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CERIS - Disaster Resilient Societies Cluster Conference
DG HOME, as a follow-up of fruitful meetings in the Disaster-Resilient Societies (DRS) Thematic Area...
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Security, Democracy and Cities Conference 2021
RiskPACC attended the Workshop “The involvement and role of citizens in crisis management” during the...
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Conclusions of the Second European Conference on Risk Perception, Behaviour, Management and Response - ENCORE 2021
The Second ENCORE European conference in October 2021 in Paris, France, has gathered two communities,...
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ISAR Germany aid mission after the earthquake in Haiti
An aid mission was organised by the international organization ISAR Germany and the Humanitarian...
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