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Citizens & Civil Protection Interaction: how to reduce the “Risk Perception Action Gap” – RiskPACC’s 1st Awareness Workshop

The RiskPACC Consortium is pleased to invite you to attend the RiskPACC’s 1st Awareness Workshop!
The RiskPACC 1st Awareness Workshop Citizens & Civil Protection Interaction: how to reduce the “Risk Perception Action Gap” takes place in Brussels, Belgium, on the 27th of June 2022.

Awareness of risks and respective levels of preparedness are decisive for enhancing individual and collective disaster resilience, especially in the context of increasingly complex and interconnected risks. Across Europe, gaps can be identified in the ways Civil Protection Authorities and citizens perceive risk and identify appropriate actions. These gaps, summarized as the “Risk Perception Action Gap”, are specifically addressed within the RiskPACC project.

The workshop serves to present results of an analysis of current practices, and key aspects of the Risk Perception Action Gap, as well as approaches – including new technologies – to narrow down these gaps. The results and approaches shall be discussed with representatives of industry, end-users, citizens, solution providers, academia as well as other EU projects that are currently dealing with related topics of risk perception and behaviour.
Participants will learn about first results of RiskPACC, and at the same time enable the project to include participants’ experiences in the further course of the project (ending in August 2024).
The morning session of the Workshop will start with a welcome and a general introduction at 11.30 CET.
Registrations on place start at 11.
For those who will join on-line, here you can find the zoom link of the event.
The on-line session will run from 11.30 until 14.30, while the In-presence one from 11.30 until 17.30.
Workshop conclusion will be at 17.30 CET.

“Maison des associations internationales” will host the Workshop. It is a unique meeting and networking place for international organisations in Brussels. RiskPACC’s Workshop will take place in the “Berlin” Room, a fully equipped space with a capacity of 75 participants and with a state-of-the-art live streaming and videoconference equipment.
The venue is located in Rue Washington 40, Ixelles, Brussels.

For both online and in-person participation, please register following this link.

Here below the agenda of the Workshop.