Project News

DRS Societal Resilience Cluster

As of January 2023, RiskPACC is pleased to be joining a new cluster, the DRS Societal Resilience Cluster. The cluster includes several other relevant EC funded projects focused on Disaster Resilient Societies topic such as our already sister projects H2020 LINKS “Strengthening links between technologies and society for European disaster resilience”, H2020 ENGAGE, H2020 CORE “sCience & human factOr for Resilient society” as well as two novel projects, MEDiate and PARATUS “Increasing Preparedness & Resilience Of Communities By Co-Developing Services Using Dynamic Systemic Risk Assessment”.

While each project has already made great achievements individually, joining a cluster will develop and expand our cooperation, leading to a deeper exploration of challenges and, in turn, fuller and broader solutions to be adopted. Furthermore, it will strengthen synergies and magnify the benefits of research in strategic societal challenges.

By jointly participating in activities, developing shared outputs and enjoying smoother interactions, the exchange of information and experiences between Cluster project teams will be facilitated. It will be possible to organize individual and joint interesting workshops, seminars, conferences and other events. Member project teams will be able to participate in trials, simulations, crisis management exercises and other events realised within the cluster, as well as give presentations at conferences, and prepare input for publications. The communication and networking sides of the projects will also benefit from the initiative, as Cluster project’s outcomes will be promoted among the systematically built audiences whenever appropriate and supported by activities aimed at dissemination of project results.

The Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE) is offering the platform to communicate within the Cluster. This will be a dynamic, safe workspace to the established Clusters of projects, supporting their interaction focused objectives throughout the project implementation cycle.

Regular meetings of the Cluster Coordination Team (with participation of all project teams) will be organized to discuss experiences and lessons-learned, engage in preparation of events and opportunities to collaborate. In addition to the above-mentioned meetings, potential joint workshops will be organized to have a more in-depth sharing of experiences in a specific area of focus, relevant to all involved project teams. The DRS Societal Resilience Cluster also opens space for other project teams to attend and observe selected activities, trials, tests, training or exercises in order to learn from each other and to get a better understanding of project actions and outcome delivery processes.

The shared experiences will be well documented and accessible, and can be used for, amongst other things, defining recommendations regarding use and/or further development of deliverables and organisation of events.