On 4th April the third workshop of the case study of the Municipality of Rafina- Pikermi took place in the city hall of Rafina. The workshop was very successful, with over 30 participants from the local Fire Brigade, the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, the Civil Protection of the Region and the Municipality, NGOs, volunteer groups, local schools, as well as citizens of various ages.

In the first part of the workshop, a risk communication exercise was held, and the participants, separated in groups, discussed their impressions of the communication, how worried they felt about the communicated risk, if they would take any action(s) in response to this communication and finally, they were asked to design an alternative communication of risk. The results from the discussions will help to understand and bridge the gap that exists between the perceptions of citizens and civil protection authorities about the risk and their respective expected actions.

In the second part of the workshop, the new version of the two applications developed within RiskPACC and implemented in the Rafina case study (Aeolian app, mapping damage app) were presented. The Municipality uploaded campaigns, training material, tasks, etc., in real time through the RiskPACC platform in both tools and the participants interacted with the uploaded material the applications on their mobile phones. They also had the opportunity to run campaigns in the field for both applications.  The two apps were evaluated, thus providing useful end-user feedback to the technical partners for their further development until the next stage of the two applications. In general, there were many positive remarks regarding the progress of the two technological tools.